15 November 2008

{ made new friends }

I found a new best friend. His name is Jonathan Fian. He is now my wood panel supplier. He has a son my age, but they look funny together, they don't look like father and son. And I thoroughly enjoyed their messy, messy shop.

Well I know it is still early to say but you discern things and chatting with him for just under 30 minutes in his palochina wood workshop, I already learned a lot and you could just sense his passion and craftsmanship when it comes to wood. Palochina is pine wood. Unfortunately, that's just what I could find for now. And man, I even thought it was local because there is a lot of pine in this country. It is apparently being imported and it even just gets delivered by season. Next delivery they'll have will be on January. I wanted birch wood but that's out of the question. But for now, this would certainly do. I pick up my wood panels on Wednesday. Yey! Have to do a lot of studies still! But now it begins..

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