27 June 2009

{ advertise here for free }

Let this be one of those things you'd treasure! if you're an artisan like me. FREE AD SPACE! Aside from featuring my favorite finds around the world wide web, I thought why not utilize that extra sidebar space as well. So for the specs:
  • 190 x 80 pixels, JPG, PNG or GIF: If you're NOT a graphics-slash-photoshop-slash-html person, you needn't fret. Just email me regarding this issue so we can work something out. Yes, I can also make this 190 x 80 pixel banner for free. But if you can do it on your own, then that's also okay. As long as you stick to the size and file format. No animated banners please. I also have to approve the banner designs first, I'm quite particular with typography. Again not to worry, if I think your banner could use a little tweaking, let me tweak it and next thing you'll know, it's up and runnin'.
I have two kinds of free ad space:
  • 60-day ad space: To keep things simple, I've decided to just keep your ads for 60 days. I will notify you when I'm about to remove your ad, just let me know by then if you want another round of 60 days of banner exposure, much like you would with classified ads spaces.
  • Ads trade: You keep my ad for as long as you like and I will keep yours. So basically if you want your ad to be permanently up on my blog, you should try out this option. If ever there will be updates on the design of your banners, just tell me and I'll gladly upload the new banners. Hopefully you'd do with mine too. Just grab any of these banners I have here and link it to this blog http://kokopinto.blogspot.com . If you need a particular size, just let me know. I'll be adding more sizes, square and bigger and button sizes.

An image (yourbanner) that would link to (yourwebsite) when people click it. The banners will appear at the right sidebar of this blog. And you don't have to pay per click! So if you are interested in the free ad space, just email me at kokopinto@gmail.com so I can answer any more of your questions, or make any suggestions or we can just get on with the uploading of your banner!


  1. What a great opportunity! I'd love to have my ad on your site (nice job on the design, by the way!).

  2. hi!
    this is such a nice offer of you! i'd love to take the opportunity of free ad space. if you like my shop, please let me know :)
    all the best,

  3. This would be great, how nice of you to offer!!! :D I just sent off an e-mail to you with my shop's image! Thanks in advance!

  4. Lovely blog, and what a great Idea! i'd love to give it a try :D

    This is my etsy shop in case you'd like to have a look ^^

  5. oh I just saw that you're from Manila! I have family there ^____^
    Kumusta ka?


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  7. Hi Kathea,
    Can I add me? That is so nice of you.
    Just thought I'd also let everyone know that I have a featured artist once every fortnight in my blog. It's for free. It's just my way of helping out artisans like me. Would you like to be in the queue?

  8. Hi Kathea,
    Thank you for posting my badge and link.
    I hope with all the exposure we are giving ourselves by trading ad space will bring great fortune to everyone participating. Nancy

  9. I think this is a wonderful way to share work across the internet community. i'll be in touch myself once I've constructed a graphic, although i don't know how long that'll be, i have a mountain of photography to choose from lol! Thanks so much for such a generous trade! I'll be in touch soon x


  10. What a great idea. I want to participate too. I like the trading space idea too.

  11. hey thanks for putting a banner up for me, i'll get yours onto mine right away :)