20 December 2008

{hold all the tubes, still stuck with cans}

Yes, cans and cans of paints. I'll be painting like crazy for these remaining days before Christmas. On walls that is, not on canvases. This is one big Christmas gift for my mum. I just hope when she comes back this afternoon she'll like the little changes I made. Haha.

This is the color swatch I really liked but having brown, yellow, grey and white made it look a bit messy and not at all together.

So back to the doodling pad and I came up with this. Traded the brown for the black outlines of the sorta Fifi Lapin doodles. The white, yellow and a darker grey stayed.

Here it is so far..

I may finalize the drawings before Christmas or may opt to just do it after because it is just freezing out here in Cavite, but then it is fun to work in the cold. We don't even put on the air conditioner or fan at night anymore. That's just how cold it is. Ooh yeah new floors, we had the whole exterior space renovated. We had tiles for the front porch and just smooth red cement for Jak's very large play area, hence the colorful backdrop. Will post more pics of it soon.

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