16 June 2009

{ who's excited to meet the teachers? }

It has been a hectic 2 days, first 2 days of school for my brother Jak. He is now in 1st grade in Woodridge (a very huge on discipline and character building and very clean and very much green school) was also my school then from 1st grade through high school, should explain why I'm a very disciplined and environmentally aware being ;D

His teacher said he's too young to be in 1st grade because he's only 6 but too big that he could be admitted for 2nd grade. :D Had to go and stay with him for 3 hours, we woke up at 5AM and got ready just in time for the school bus that arrives at 5:45 sharp. But tomorrow he goes on his own and would be home hopefully not later than 3PM. Man, that's 9 hours of no Jak, no annoying but can't help to be adorable little brother, no ambush kisses and hugs. But then it's good that I can focus on my work. 9 hours should be enough. Then when he gets home, I'm all his again until doze off time at 9pm. This should really fix my body clock now. Now for more documentation of discipline and green.


  1. Hey there! :)

    just want to ask what fonts you use? The title for the polaroids? Thanks :)

  2. it's Daniel Black. I just got it from Dafont.com