11 November 2008

{ discovery project earth }

... is very interesting. Eight crazy experiments bold enough to change the world. So far I've seen the Carbon Dioxide Scrubber. It works. But there will be real issues regarding storing the extracted CO2 from the atmosphere. They plan to bury it under the ocean. Possible leakage. So they really have to make sure that it doesn't in the future. But one thing to consider would be to plant a lot more trees and maybe release the extracted CO2 gradually in the future and let the trees absorb and convert it. This is kinda like what I had been pondering on. Machines that have a little bit of souls. Because machines with full souls deteriorate on their own and go back as raw materials and I don't know if that will ever be invented. It's still up to us to recycle. Hopefully we could just stick to recycling.


I've seen Wall-E for like the tenth time and I just realized it has one big flaw. The people in the Axiom had still a lot of things to throw out. Remember the big dumpsite they have at the bottom of their ship and the big Wall-A's working in it and dumping the trash in space. Unloading trash in space means unloading load from the ship. Meaning the ship gets lighter every time. Unless they have this raw material producer that would still make plastics, metals, etc that would make those trash they threw out, that they never established (or maybe I just missed it) in the early part of the movie. One of the reasons humans still haven't considered dumping trash in space or dumping extracted CO2 in space for that matter is because it will be like making Earth poop, but the problem is the Earth doesn't eat to compensate for the lost poop (or does it?). You get what I mean? Earth has weighed the same since its creation (it does right?). Just think what would happen if we dumped stuff in space and Earth became lighter. The amount of matter that comprised Earth for billions and trillions and bazillions of years never changed. So it will be an abomination to subtract from it. Babies don't become babies just because of cell splitting. The cells still get "Earth matter" as I should term it to make more sense for them to split and become babies.

Blabbing again. Just check out Discovery Project Earth.

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