11 November 2008

{ end tables out of old, old chairs }

Well I have been busy for the past weeks and been very content. Not much ranting and blogging about work. Hehe. This afternoon an idea was realized when my mum gave me a go signal to salvage her 20-year-old dining chairs rotting in the yard.

There are six of these chairs and half of a dining table that came with it just passing time in front of our house in rain or shine. What I meant by half of a dining table, it was a grand dining table before and they cut it in half to accommodate space and I have no idea where the other half is now.

Then I cut out, using a traditional handsaw (yes, i know how to use one), the intricate back supports which I will maybe turn into a pot and pan rack later. I only used two chairs for this project by the way. The other four, awaiting deliberation.

Then cleaned it (or asked my brother to clean it hehe).

Then I fitted plywood in between the legs to serve as additional shelving. It was really hard in this case because the leg supports were already weak and they kept cracking when I put the nails in. I had to use a cementing agent (Waterstop) to repair the cracks. It was already dark when I finished. I'm letting the cement set overnight then I paint it white! I'm excited!

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