11 November 2008

{ feathery light }

Great artsy-fartsy-crafty moments for me really happens in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe because everybody is asleep and no little brother asking for a hug or a smooch every five minutes. And no matter how much I make my work area nice, I always end up working on the dining table. Well it's bigger and it's a glass-top so cutting is a cinch. But for this particular project, I just needed a clean, large space and really sharp scissors.

Inspiration (left photo) $200 in Etsy *the link has expired though I just found it here with another inspired hack of the lamp (you might wanna also check out the ├╝ber cool workspace in that post). So from that 300PHP sale (right photo)...

... to this!

I made it like a hat, it's removable, it just slips on and off the original shade. Commitment is such a scary thing hehe and it's paper, it might burn if I make it permanent. Actually now it looks more like a cuckoo clock. I found the clock a bit off at first (mum bought it, well sale nga naman, ang mamahal din talaga ng mga lamps), but after a few whiff of silver spray paint (it was a tarnishing gold then) it looks a bit together na. Oh materials for the shade, just a whole 20x30 inch 4-ply bristol board, enough for all the trial and errors. Ended up with cute lamp and a not so clean table anymore. Have to clean it up before everybody wakes up. Not for boys. Should have put that on top. Haha.

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