12 June 2009

{ much ado about sophia }

.. my puppy Sophia, 5 months and counting. She's a Lab-Pitbull-Shitzu mix, so I guess she'll be a medium sized pitbull. She became part of the family when she was just 2.5 months old. She's what we call a runt. Her mother didn't like her, kicks her during breast feeding. Well that was a lucky strike or else they wouldn't have given her to us.

She's one nibbling machine (nibbling, not biting) but her teeth are just really sharp and rough, so I've got scratches all over but thank goodness she's not rabid although she still hasn't got her rabies shots, I've just maintained a really sterile environment for her. No much contact from visitors, when they come, I'm like the mopping machine, following their tracks, and those curious stray dogs, not so curious anymore and vitamins! Very important, her vitamins!


  1. love your blog + your cute etsy shop! these pics are sooo adorable! feel free to self-promote the yart sale over at my blog - http://www.crazymiracle.com/read/yart_sale_time/ xoxo!

  2. wow thanks Amanda! i just posted on your blog. XD thanks again!