12 June 2009

{ we're back }

So I have been gone in a very long time. Thought I'd give this blog another shot. I have been just updating my Tumblr blogs because they're really easy to use. But with the custom layouts there, I couldn't install Disqus and without that, people can't comment. Hopefully Blogger would be able to adapt Tumblr's uploading ease or maybe integrate the two sites so that everybody will be happy-er.

Anyhoo, it has taken me this long to repair this relationship with this blog. Why, you might ask. It's because of this! I've recently launched my new product line, printable stationery, on my Etsy shop! The designs are made from PlayDoh. Yes, (read that again) PlayDoh. I have been surrounded with PlayDoh for 5 years now, thanks to my brother. Took that long to have the idea catch up with me. Haha, oh well things like this don't pour on us like rain. I'm really glad I was out with nothing but a thinking cap on when inspiration struck. Or rather I was fed up with cleaning up all those PlayDoh muck on my desk. Might as well join in the mess and I couldn't have had more fun. Here they are!

The First Four! They're Birdie, Baaa, Turtloo, and Ooglephant. They're the oogliest critters in the world, with their most beady peepers and the brightest colors! I'm now working on new critters so look out for them. The stationery set includes gift tags, flat and folded notecards, letterhead or rather letterfoot and available in US and European (A4) templates. So drop by the shop and oogle on this critters.

PS: I know it's ogle, I just can't help to not add that extra Ooh hence I say it 'oogle' so please bear with me. ;D

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