14 June 2009

{ obsession: fleurografie by ronald ceuppens }

I don't understand Dutch (Belgium right?) but I do understand process art. Etching is a very old printmaking process (dating 500 years) but a very sophisticated yet quite a fun process indeed. I have tried my hand at printmaking using rubber panels and we "etched" designs on it using cutters and carving tools. When the design was finished, we put ink on the rubber and pressed it against the paper. Talk about instant gratification, much more with this type of etching at this level of detail and layers. With the use of a metal plate and acid, the possibilities are endless! A new Etsy shop keeper, Ronald Ceuppens (Fleurografie), also on the verge of making his first Etsy sale, offers us the most intriguing etchings. You can also check out his own website offering larger prints at ronaldceuppens.be/

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